What’s new for Creative Designers in R2019x?

On April 17th, at 9:30AM – Paris time, the fourth webinar of our CATIA TV program was broadcast here.  You can now watch the replay. Get an overview about the new features and functions in CATIA Design R2019x!

What’s new for Creative Designers?

  • Immersive Design | CATIA Natural Sketch VR
  • 3D Generative Innovator | xGenerative Design
  • Human Design | VR Incarnation

@Xavier MELKONIAN and @François DAUDET present the key highlights of the new release for Creative Designers. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​@Aude MASSONI ​​​​​​​shows, via an attractive demo, how to use 3D Sketch to express & communicate your creativity. You will also see how to transform your 2D idea into a 3D reality and explore design alternatives & details by sketching on 3D models. @Franck COLAS ​​​​ explains the benefits of Generative Modeling solutions for designers and goes through all the new capabilities of Imagine and Shape.

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Here are the first questions we received. Feel free to ask or comment in the comment section.

Question 1 :   Immersive Design | CATIA Natural Sketch , would it be available on AR?

Answer :          Natural Sketch VR allows Creative Designers to quickly and naturally explore Design Ideas in an Immersive Environment, taking full benefits of the gesture-based creative approach. Augmented Reality is fully part of DS Strategy with multiple addressable scenarios. Stay tuned.

Q2:   Is this evolution being marketed?

A :     This evolution is on the market in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA  R2019x, yes.

Q3:   How to excel or get it certified from Dassault for this Software?

A: Please, contact your local Géo Dassault Systèmes organization to validate the technical certification process.

Q4:   I would like know more about V6 news. TKS!

A: You can stay tuned here, in the CATIA User Community, or via our pages on social media (LinkedInTwitterfacebook) and be informed of the upcoming webinars, for instance.

Q5:   What is the difference between CATIA Icem and ICEM Surf?

A: ICEM Surf is the World-leading stand-alone solution for the High quality Surface design (Class-A), particularly used at WW Car OEMs. CATIA ICEM is the fully integrated solution, available in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, providing the best-in-class high precision surface technology, fully associative and parametric to sustain the unified integrated design workflow.

Q6:   Is this software available for student version?

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia R2019x is available with various packages. Please, visit the dedicated website here: https://academy.3ds.com/en/software/3dexperience-academia


*Source: CATIA User Community

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