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CATIA V5 Machining

High efficiency in part programming… Thanks to tight integration between tool path definition and computation, tool path verification and output creation the user can boost production quality by machining the right part, first time. Machining operations supported by multiple passes and levels and automated rework in roughing and finishing also enhance this ability.

Effective change management… This solution set possesses a high level of associativity between product engineering and manufacturing processes and resources (PPR). Companies can therefore manage concurrent engineering and manufacturing flows better and reduce the length of the design to manufacturing cycle and then saving costs.

High level of automation and standardisation… By integrating the pervasive knowledgeware capabilities of CATIA V5 (in manufacturing intent and macro storage, for example), NC products allow the capture of skills and reuse of proven manufacturing knowledge and avoid repetition. This also facilitates innovation through shortened test cycles.

Optimised tool paths and reduced machining time… CATIA V5 NC products offer a wide set of flexible high-speed machining operations such as concentric roughing, Z-level milling, spiral milling and 5-axis flank contouring. This decreases the time needed to execute shop floor operations.

Easy to learn and easy-to-use products… As a result of an intuitive user interface, users are trained faster and then use the full breadth of CATIA V5. Ease of use brings hard fun!

Reduced administration costs and skills efforts… CATIA V5 Machining solution can be used as a single system to cover a wide set of integrated applications, fom lathe to 5-axis milling. This allows companies to institute strong, manageable and long-term partnerships with their CATIA CAM supplier.

CATIA V5 Machining Portfolio

  • CATIA – Prismatic Machinist 2 configuration (PM2)
  • CATIA – Mold & Die Machinist 2 (MO2)
  • CATIA – Designer & Advanced Machinist 2 Configuration (AM2)


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