The 3DSupport App

Hanoi, July 18, 2019



We would like to introduce you to the new 3DSupport App. The 3DSupport App is the new support tool based on 3DEXPERIENCE platform technology. It provides an improved user experience only concerns customers with access to the Dassault Systèmes Support Tool.

The new 3DSupport App is in the process of migration, you will be able to use the new 3DSupport App beginning July 23.

We would like to share the migration plan from Dassault Systèmes Support Tool to the new 3DSupport App:


  • July 23: The new 3DSupport App will be available to customers who have access to the Dassault Systèmes support tool.
  • From July 23 to Oct 21: Customers will have access to both tools in production. The customers can manage their requests either from their current Dassault Systèmes Support Tool, or from the 3DSupport App.
  • October 22: Dassault Systèmes will move customers to the 3DSupport App.

This new application is only for customers that use the Dassault Systèmes Support Tool.

To discover more about the 3DSupport App, consult the 3DSupport App-Onboarding web page.


Thank you for your attention.


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