Service Introduction

System Integration & ITMA

System Integration & ITMA

System Integration (On-site)

We provide comprehensive support for system consulting, sales, and installation support related to various servers, storage, network equipment, PC terminals, and security solutions. 

We also support the construction of a system environment for the office when a new factory is opened or when moving.

  • Workstation, Server, Laptop, Desktop (Dell, HP, Lenovo), NAS device.
  • VMware, Linux , Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016/2019.
  • Microsoft Office 2013/2016/2019 – Microsoft 365.
  • Firewall, Anti-Virus.
  • Installation and operation of cyber security solutions. ( EPP, EDR, DLP) 
  • Installation of a system for new establishment, relocation or expansion of office environment.

Annual maintenance service(On-site)

We carry out regular inspections of IT equipment and network systems every month to ensure stable operation of our customers’ businesses.

We also propose measures to reduce or prevent risks that may occur in the system.

In addition, if you cannot continue your business due to an unexpected cyber attack such as ransomware or a system failure, it is urgent. As a response, we will rush onsite.

  • Updating or reinstalling OS & antivirus SW, Maintaining the network, Checking the data backup system.
  • Troubleshooting & fixing problem, various QA support.
  • Business recovery support  in case of cyber attack or system failure.
  • IT Asset management such as creating a list.
  • Create folder permission list and URL permission list according to your request.


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