Service Introduction

Cyber Security

Cyber Security


NSV Security overview


Security consulting

Understanding current issues and security measures

Understand the actual situation of cyber attacks surrounding Vietnam these days. Measures and implementation from the perspective of networks, endpoints, and people based on the situation of supply chains and overseas bases. It is a service that provides necessary information, make strategic plans, and supports execution regarding security issues and concerns.

  • Provide general solutions and information on security issues(trend).
  • For those who do not know what to start with security measures.(Problem recognition from the current situation)
  • From planning and implementation of security measures.
  • Examining security measures for international quality management system standards (IATF).



Endpoint Detection & Response (Security Doctor / eGIS)

A next generation cyber solution that supports risk recognition and measures. It detects the cyber threats that entered PC by investigating the logs, and visualize the cyber risk of the organization.

Emergency alerts, regular computer diagnosis (visualization), and risk visualization.

Endpoint Protection Platform (Cylance Protect / Cylance)

Next-generation AI engine utilizing AI engine.

Detect and prevent unknown malware before execution.

  • High detection rate, also proven in holiday tests.
  • Mechanism of predictive threat defense by AI (except from signature and behavior detection).
  • Block incoming malware anytime, anywhere (even offline).
  • Lightweight scanning that does not affect PC performance.


Vulnerability assessment

For Web application

This is a assessment service that detects and analyzes security problems in web applications and reports countermeasures.

It checks for potential vulnerabilities in your web applications such as enhancing information disclosure or unauthorized access.

You can check whether the web application is safe before release judgment or in operation.

For Platform

It investigates security vulnerabilities that exist in platforms such as OS and middleware. Then we present security measures based on that.

We conduct our services with the utmost care to avoid overloads or system trouble due to assessment.

We recommend regular assessment such as once a year.


Emergency !! 

Digital forensics

This is a method and technique for collecting, restoring, and analyzing logs that remain in electronic devices such as computers and networks. We will report the existence and possibility of information leakage. If you accurately grasp the actual situation of damage and take prompt action, it is possible to increase the credibility of your company.

Example of survey items:

  • Access log analysis.
  • In-house security log analysis.
  • Mail log analysis.
  • Check event log and setting file reverse engineering.


DLP/ IT asset management

Data Loss Prevention (Obbligato Ⅲ / NEC)

It protects from taking out confidential data and drawings easily at low cost.

Prevent from leakage of sensitive information such as drawings!

It can achieve safe system of collaboration development with overseas branches by preventing technical information leakage from inside of the organization.

IT Asset Management (JP1( ITDM) / Hitachi)

IT assets of hardware and software can be collected automatically and managed efficiently and centrally. Our engineers can also compare and report monthly changes in IT assets under JP1. Significantly reduce your workload.


Prevention / Awareness /Education

Securing Awareness Training Service

Simulation training, where mock attacks are actually conducted, is an effective educational method to raise security awareness.

Security Education (E-learning) – Getting Ready

We aim to strengthen the security of the organization with practical education support.

  • Literacy course for general employees.
  • Accident response exercise course for management/crisis managers/department managers.
  • Specialized course for system and security personnel.


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