NEW Update of NSV Cyber Security Service

Security consulting

Understanding current issues and security measures

Understand the actual situation of cyber attacks surrounding Vietnam these days. Measures and implementation from the perspective of networks, endpoints, and people based on the situation of supply chains and overseas bases. It is a service that provides necessary information, make strategic plans, and supports execution regarding security issues and concerns.

  • Provide general solutions and information on security issues(trend).
  • For those who do not know what to start with security measures.(Problem recognition from the current situation)
  • From planning and implementation of security measures.
  • Examining security measures for international quality management system standards (IATF).

Emergency !! 

Digital forensics

This is a method and technique for collecting, restoring, and analyzing logs that remain in electronic devices such as computers and networks. We will report the existence and possibility of information leakage. If you accurately grasp the actual situation of damage and take prompt action, it is possible to increase the credibility of your company.

Example of survey items:

  • Access log analysis.
  • In-house security log analysis.
  • Mail log analysis.
  • Check event log and setting file reverse engineering.

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