Zuken bổ nhiệm Point là đại lý bán lẻ CADSTAR mới ở Nga


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Zuken bổ nhiệm Point là đại lý bán lẻ CADSTAR mới ở Nga


Ngày phát hành

Ngày 20 tháng 1 năm 2015


Nội dung ngắn gọn

Ngày 20 tháng 1 năm 2015, tại Munich, Đức và Westford, MA, Hoa Kỳ - Zuken thông báo việc mở rộng mạng lưới đại lý bán lẻ CADSTAR ở Nga với việc bổ sung Point.


More detail

20 January 2015 – Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA – Zuken announces the expansion of its CADSTAR reseller network in Russia with the addition of Point.

CADSTAR is Zuken’s desktop PCB design software for companies of all sizes, from individual designers to small and mid-sized design teams and corporations operating across multiple sites.

Point has a 12-year history with Zuken as an E3.series reseller.

“We decided to add CADSTAR to our portfolio as many of our customers are looking for PCB tools that are complementary to their electrical design tools. CADSTAR supports our focus on offering integrated solutions to support the full product cycle – from design to implementation and support.”

Kirill Gantmakher, Managing Director of Point

“Point has a wealth of experience in localization, adaptation, distribution and support of software products for a diverse range of application areas. They have particularly strong links with the transportation, aviation, helicopter, defense, machinery and energy industries.”

Jeroen Leinders, CADSTAR Worldwide Sales Manager

Based in Moscow with a 50-strong workforce and a network of partners across Russia, Point is approaching its 25th anniversary working in the Russian CAD market.

For more information about Point see www.pointcad.ru.

For details of Zuken’s network of CADSTAR resellers, see: www.zuken.com/cadstardistributors