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Take a look at the top 5 potential design flaws before beginning the mold acquisition process over on the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog.

With the implementation of SOLIDWORKS PCB Double Robotics now has a seamless, intelligent collaborative environment that eliminates the separation of electronics and mechanical teams and significantly improves its ECAD-MCAD workflow.

Part 2 on how to create Hex Gear Pendants in SOLIDWORKS over on the Tech Blog.

Recently, we talked to Carlos Vicente, a Senior Technical Sales Manager for Aurorasat, part of SIMULIA, about particle-based simulation in the aerospace industry and the new developments being made.

In this 3-part series we’ll use a hexagonal pendant – starting with a completed enclosure and running through how to create different configurations of the pendant, as well as setting up Configuration Publisher to make dropping the different configurations in the assembly environment as easy as selecting different parameters from a drop-down list.