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Because of the nature of conceptual design, which needs to assess performance with respect to the design changes, a faster running model is required. Unlike durability or noise and vibration, crashworthiness simulation tends to take much longer computation time. Hence, a different model is necessary to shorten the time. Learn more about the “reversed” workflow for using the lumped mass-spring method and parametric optimization to overcome these computation difficulties. 

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Manufacturers must be more integrated and more agile than ever. With the 3DEXPERIENCE® twin, manufacturers can model manufacturing assets, products and processes to validate and address current and future challenges. The 3DEXPERIENCE twin brings together the virtual and real worlds for manufacturing innovation and efficiency.

Reducing, reusing and repairing to eliminate waste

As urban populations grow, cities are faced with complex societal and sustainability challenges. Cities like London and San Francisco are turning to circular economy initiatives to minimize waste and maximize reuse of products and materials.

If you are in an industry where weight and speed are of the utmost of importance you probably try to make the lightest part possible to handle the job. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional we can use a Topology Optimization study to take an existing part and optimize a component by setting goals for weight reduction and achieve a certain factor of safety.

SOLIDWORKS Manage can help you get a snapshot of all your data and use it to facilitate other important functions such as project management, process management, items management as well as the ability to generate reports with easy-to-understand dashboards.