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When engineers and machinists come together, they can accomplish great things in manufacturing. By the same token, a breakdown in communication between the two groups can spell disaster.

DELMIA’s virtual construction planning solution for Energy, Process and Utilities industry provides a virtual environment for construction planners which allows them to validate construction activities before construction begins. Key goals include reducing project time by 5-10%, reducing planning time by 30% and encouraging lean construction methodologies. Watch the video to learn more.

On this Earth Day explore how our solutions enable individuals and companies to innovate and come up with amazing projects that address environmental issues.

Do you know how to use a scribe instead of a split line or flat surfaces or labels in SOLIDWORKS? If not, learn how in this video tech tip.

A critical first step is to ensure that you have the appropriate stakeholders involved in your digital transformation journey from the very beginning, from customer journey mapping to process standardization to technology selection.