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Learn how to run SOLIDWORKS on a Mac in this blog from Solid Solutions.

Today, India’s Transportation & Mobility sector is under constant pressure to innovate and optimize costs. Find out what's being done about it in, "Towards New Opportunities for Transportation & Mobility Suppliers." 

In recent decades, there have been important strides to improve accessibility and mobilityfor those with physical impairments.  This is good news for 75 million people worldwide who need a wheelchair.  But the traditional wheelchair uses old technology, and even with better access to public and private spaces, people who rely on help with their mobility still face major challenges.

Comfort is more than just physical. Ask any would-be electric vehicle owner who is still holding off on purchasing one because of range anxiety: that distinctly uncomfortable feeling that your new vehicle might not make it from point A to point B due to limited battery life. So how do you reduce EV range anxiety? Simulate your way to efficient cabin comfort!

This is the first of a two-part series on the integration and use of IIoT technology.

As advances in technology make it more cost-effective to deploy IIoT, industries will need to acquire a strategic approach to integrating new sensor data with pre-existing data environments.