Transportation & Mobility - Draft

Car and Light Truck OEMs

Helping brands and manufacturers of passenger cars, light trucks & vans adapt to new regulations, bring new technology to the market and please their demanding customers

Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles - From vehicle system architecture, battery thermal management, high speed electric motor lubrication to multi discipline collaboration. 



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Enabling global suppliers to successfully manage multi-OEM priorities, fulfill regional requirements and deliver competitive innovation, while ensuring profitability

Get Your Global Supplier Advantage Explore how you and your supplier teams can win new, profitable opportunities, design/engineer to value and deliver on target.



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Trucks and Buses
Empowering truck and bus innovators to conceptualize, engineer, simulate and produce modular, multi-function, next-generation commercial vehicles

Expedite Commercial Vehicle Development, ProfitablyLearn how automotive OEM Ashok Leyland accelerated delivery of commercial vehicles tailored to changing market needs with more thorough cost management. 



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Providing rolling stock developers with industry-proven capabilities and processes to pursue more diversified, profitable and safer rail and train developments

Keeping Your Rail Innovations on Track Discover how innovator Hyundai Rotem accelerated interference checking and decision-making using light, 3D models.

Hyundai Rotem - PLM Success Story

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Ensuring cycle futurists have industry-leading capabilities to develop and deliver high-performance, innovatively styled, new motorcycle and scooter experiences

Virtual Simulation Yields Improved Performance - Explore how Yamaha Motor Company compiled accurate, realistic virtual simulations of the performance of their motorcycles...

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. - Story

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Racing Cars
Enabling global racing innovators to craft the ultimate, race-winning vehicles, while also fulfilling industry requirements and optimizing performance

Accelerating Racing Innovation & Performance - Read how Blue Sky Solar Racing decreased drag by 22% and increased the power of their solar array, creating one of the top racing cars in its class.

Blue Sky Solar RacingPLM Success Story

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