With the actual intense competition on the market, the competitive advantage by design becomes a key factor for business success. Having appealing product, right on time on the market requires styling and design studios to redefine their design process. Designers face the daily challenge to create and convince about the design intent, but also to share and collaborate globally and with other departments, as well as to improve the product's perceived quality.  With CATIA Design Experience portfolio, the decision-making process is facilitated thanks to its digital and/or physical prototypes.

Immersive Collaborative Experience



Key Benefits

  • Connect distributed teams and reduce travel costs.
  • Multiple users can experience the same data in a shared Virtual Reality world.
  • Launch a VR co-review from any CATIA application, without any data preparation.
  • VR avatars allow to enhance communication naturally with gestures.
  • Teleport to another user’s exact position to see what she is talking about.

Immersive Visual Experience



Key Benefits

  • Integrates native Virtual Reality capabilities into 3D-capable applications.
  • Native support for HTC Vive as well as Powerwall and small CAVE environments.
  • Experience product designs in lifelike 1:1 scale.
  • Natural exploration of data via tracking capabilities.
  • Integration in 3D-capable apps allows access to app commands while a VR session is active.


Virtual & Physical Prototyper



Key Benefits

  • Manage, repair, refine and improve scanned and mesh data.
  • Provide various semi-automatic tools to rebuild exact geometry from Mesh.
  • Generate STL or AMF format files from exact geometry for 3D printing.
  • Obtain through global deformation the compensated shape able to absorb deforming physical phenomenon's.


Visual Experience Designer



Key Benefits

  • Easy evaluation of designs in realistic environments and light situations in real-time.
  • Deliver high-quality renderings with global Illumination, physically correct reflections and shadows. 
  • Accessible at any state of product design to take accurate design decisions.
  • Study colors, material, volume, proportions and 3D Human.


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