CATIA is Dassault Systèmes Pioneer Brand and the World’s leading solution for Product Design and Innovation.


Several thousands of companies in multiple industries Worldwide have already chosen the Virtual Design capabilities of CATIA products to ensure their products Real Success. CATIA delivers solutions for the enterprise from large OEMs through their supply chains to Small and Medium Businesses. CATIA PLM Express is mapped to industry and job-related needs so that you can easily take your first steps towards achieving business transformation through PLM. You can rapidly and easily define the solution that matches your business needs, embarking on the expressway to immediate deployment time reduction and rapid return on investment – critical efficiencies for all businesses, regardless of the industry.

CATIA goes far beyond traditional 3D CAD software tools to offer a unique Digital Product Experience,  based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Sustainable development is driving companies around the globe to create a constant stream of innovative and inspiring smart products. Engineering, Design, Systems Architecture and Systems Engineering of these products becomes more demanding.



CATIA Design

Delivering advantage by design

3D Design products and solutions cover the entire shape design, styling and surfacing workflow, from industrial design to Class A. Our intuitive and easy to use shape design tools give everyone involved in the product design process, from industrial designers, Class A modelers to Aero Lofting engineers, a real freedom to design any kind of complex shape. Advanced functionalities include reverse engineering, Class-A surfacing, rapid propagation of design changes, powerful real-time diagnostic tools and high-end visualization. CATIA enables creative designers, design studios and engineering departments to work collaboratively in optimizing the product 3D Design for aesthetic and engineering purposes.


CATIA Engineering

Optimizing end to end design to manufacturing process.

3D Modeling solutions of CATIA Engineering Software enable the creation of any type of 3D assemblies for a wide range of mechanical engineering processes. They  addresses the specific requirements of a wide range of processes and industries, including cast and forged parts, plastic injection and other molding operations, composites part design and manufacturing, machined and sheet metal parts design and advanced welding and fastening operations. Engineers can rely on CATIA 3D Modeling tools to define a complete mechanical product, including functional tolerances, 3D annotations as well as kinematics. Predefined processes in CATIA empower engineers to deliver greatly improved productivity, not only in completing the mechanical design more quickly, but also in greatly reducing the time to perform 3D Modeling changes.


CATIA Systems Architecture

Managing product complexity

CATIA Systems Architecture solution ensures traceability from initial requirements definition through to final product delivery and support. It enables systems architects, product engineers, designers and technical experts to define the architecture and interdependencies of complex products and systems. This accelerates the systems engineering process from initial specification definition through to development, validation and right- to-market product delivery.


CATIA Systems Engineering

Bringing products to life

Our Systems Engineering solution allows you to use many different models to simulate the behavior of complex systems and products.  These models rarely interoperate with one another and don’t exist in an ‘aggregated’ environment that allows a ‘whole-system multi-physics simulation’ of the complete product.  The Dassault Systèmes solution set provides a fully integrated systems modeling environment that leverages behavioral simulation for systems as well as for mechanical product assemblies.

CATIA Product Experience

Bringing it all together

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, CATIA Product Experience brings together the Design, Functional, Engineering and Architectural characteristics of a product definition, to enable integration at the level of the complete product. It provides a social experience, where people of all roles and skills, generalist and specialist, come together to view, collaborate and review the overall project.



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