I. Overview of Software

Powerful Healing, Optimization and Simplification

CADdoctor is the ultimate tool to maximize and accelerate your 3D data. CADdoctor goes beyond CAD translation to provide geometry error detection, healing, simplification, and enhance your data for downstream processing.

The Leading Edge of 3D Data Utilization Your Ultimate Solution for 3D CAD Translation & Optimization

CADdoctor was design to support your 3D data utilization. Going beyond CAD to CAD translation, CADdoctor has advanced capabilities to detect and heal errors and to optimize data for downstream processing, for instance prepping for FEA mesh generation. With CADdoctor, streamline and maximize the use of your 3D data.

Explore the possibilities of CADdoctor when you free yourself from complex integrations, time-costing errors, and project delays. Let CADdoctor take the uncertainty out of your 3D data.

Foundation of CADdoctor

  • High-Quality Translation - Built on highly advanced 3D geometry handling technology and CAD system’s API, CADdoctor can translate your CAD data with the highest fidelity toward your target system
  • Easy Operation - User-friendly interface combined with easy operation to assist novice and experienced designers alike
  • More than Translation - From Geometry Verification to Geometry Simplification, CADdoctor’s optimization functions accelerate your downstream processes ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the entire manufacturing lifecycle


II. Overview Software functions

1. Essential Functionalities 

  • 3D CAD Translation

    • CADdoctor provides sophisticated 3D translations between multiple CAD formats that goes beyond simple mechanical translations. CADdoctor recognizes the major differences between each CAD systems (tolerance, mathematic definition, etc.) and uses this information to produce the highest fidelity translation.
  • Detecting and Repairing PDQ Error

    • Issues and errors can occur when transferring CAD data from one engineering platform to another, such as failure on data import, failure for mesh generation, failure to create a path for NC cutter, and more. CADdoctor automatically detects and repairs hidden product data quality (PDQ) errors, which can help alleviate many of these issues and strengthen the shareability of the data.
    • The criteria for a PDQ check criteria can be adjusted to fit the standards of automotive industries around the world, such as SASIG, VDA, AIAG or JAMA.


2. Geometry Simplification

  • CADdoctor recognizes geometry features and can simplify them automatically. Designed to simplify models to optimize CAE mesh generation and to remove intellectual property elements for sharing with suppliers, customers, and partners. Feature recognition is based on geometry, not by the modeling feature history, so that any feature can be removed.
  • Recognizable features:

    • Fillets
    • Chamfers
    • Round holes and general holes
    • Bosses and ribs
    • Steps, grooves and protrusions



3. Solid Enveloping

  • Often models are too large and complicated to be utilized effectively downstream. CADdoctor’s solid enveloping capabilities can “shrinkwrap” entire assemblies to smaller solid model to reduce file size, remove hidden components and/or protect intellectual property (IP).
  • Want surfaces only? CADdoctor’s surface extraction tool can provide you with an exterior snapshot of the model
  • Use Cases:

    • Data Size Reduction: Create a lightweight 3D model from large parts and/or assemblies for digital mock-ups, interference checks and translations to viewer formats
    • IP Protection: Remove internal geometry, company proprietary information and retain outer geometry for space claim or lightweight representation of a model
    • CAE Data Preparation: Simplify and merge assemblies to use for simulation, thermal fluid analysis, mesh generation, and AR/VR



4. Polygon Function/Reverse Engineering

  • Take point cloud and polygon data to a CAD format through CADdoctor’s automatic model generation capabilities. Whether the data is captured through 3D scanning or is obtained from CAE, CADdoctor can transform it into a usable, B-Rep model. If there are issues with your source point cloud or polygon data, CADdoctor can heal and optimize your data for precise results.
  • The Reverse Engineering capabilities can automatically recognize fillets and other elements to provide you with high-quality surfaces.



5. Additional Functionalities

Geometry Verification

  • Detecting engineering change on the geometry

    • Easily view changes in a color map
    • Also view changes displayed with numerical values such as fillet radii, chamfer length and hole diameters


  • Detecting engineering changes on an assembly structure

    • Additions/deletion of parts
    • Changes in the location of part or assembly
    • Changes in the structure of the assembly tree
    • Changes in the part name



Efficiently create mid-surface for CAE analysis from detailed solid models.

Utilize both automatic and convenient interactive tools to optimize your mid-surface creation workflow


Quality check for Manufacturing

Detect errors that does not comply with manufacturing conditions causing issues in creating dies or molding

Engineers can now detect manufacturing errors and make corrections during the design stage to minimize rework, reduce costs, and shorten lead time.

  • Areas where it is impossible to machine dies, such as acute angles or deep grooves
  • Areas where the die construction becomes too complex due to undercut or similar issues
  • Areas where it is difficult to create dies due to inappropriate wall thickness (too thick/too thin)


6. Intergrated Systems

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