This seminar has attracted much attention from companies in Yen Binh Industrial Park as well as other companies in Thai Nguyen and Vinh Phuc. Many engineers representing their businesses attended the seminar despite bad weather is heavy rain and wind.

CREATZ3D Viet Nam Co Ltd focuses on 3D printing technology and rapid prototyping, helping businesses quickly get product samples without having to go through the production process and accelerate their product development. With the fast development of materials technology today, additive manufacturing technology has been increasingly applied in many industries and services.
New System Vietnam Co., Ltd., as demonstrated at the CATIA Solution Conference - From Scan to 3D Printing, is an excellent addition to 3D printing to produce fast, high quality input data and is optimized for material mass.
CATIA solutions - from Scan to 3D printing has helped businesses effectively address the following issues:
• Reduced geometry reconstruction time from scanned data by 30 to 80%.
• Automation of tooling compensation reduces tooling costs by 50%.
• Game-changing CAD reconstruction from optimized topology means that what previously took weeks can be completed in DAYS.
The discussion was very exciting because the solutions we offer were very suitable for business needs. Questions were answered quickly, briefly, getting the nods of satisfaction from the engineer representing the business. We, New System Vietnam Co., Ltd., recognize that the requirements of the representatives representing the businesses involved in the seminar are well suited to New System Vietnam Co., Ltd's ability to respond to software as well as to training and technology transfer.
Bringing customer satisfaction and success are our working criteria. In the coming time, New System Vietnam Co., Ltd. will continue to work with our partners to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the success of domestic enterprises.