Announcement of the latest release of CADmeister V12.1

We are pleased to announce the latest release of CADmeister V12.1.

CADmeister V12.1 relentlessly pursues operability such as responsiveness and offers stress-free semi-automatic 3D mold/die designing predicated upon creating sets of user-specific templates/patterns of designing processes.

CADmeister V12.1's strengthened modelling features include 'Fillet & Shape Surface' and 'Flare Surface'. 'Fillet & Shape Surface' enables users to neatly merge marks of filleting effects through the use of real-time preview capability.

'Flare Surface' enables a flange on the base of a flare surface where an elongation rate of material is assigned. They are enhanced by an improved computation methodology in order to enable a high-quality modelling of advanced materials.

CADmeister V12.1 includes a CAM capability of mirroring machining paths. This enables trouble-less creation of bisymmetrical machining paths comprised of mirroring reproductions of machining paths.

CADmeister V12.1, a CAD-CAM integrated solution, transfers attribute data of CAD settings to CAM in order to support CAM automatic operations.